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Sincery Company New Product

LSWP-RODI 400 water purification machine

The new machine is targeting at laboratories in firms or universities, by which can supply big quantity of purified water with high purity. The machine can also be used in some in-house environment, or occasions as hospitals. Customers are encouraged to compare the similiar types by some elements as in-put flow and purity parameters.

Soil PH meter for agriculture and laboratory using

The soil PH meter is used to detect the alkalinityacidity of soil for agricultrure purpose. The device is manufactured in China, with good quality and can be supplied in large quantity. It supports the range from 3 to 8 as the top. For detailed subscription for the product, please inquire our sales team or visit the website:

petroleum analysis equipments

The Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator equipments are newly introduced to our sincere customers. We supply a sort of petroleum devices, and now the Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator is brought out. For more information about that equipment please contact with us by clicking here.

Sincery Company News

Sincery International Limited company puts more effort on Lab field

Sincery put more effort on Lab fieldSincery (Sincery) has been focusing on laboratory field for several years, serving the universities, laboratories in firms and research centers in Italy, Japan and South Africa. This year, we started to co-operate with more distributors in East Europe countriese. Good news from sales team that our customers satisfied with the goods we delivered since it was the first order for them from Sincery. As new types of analysis equipments are put on our shelf, laboratory teams will be more busy in the coming season......

Water purification system sold out due to water pollution in Wuxi City

Water purification systems are in urgent demand during the past days in Wuxi city, nearby Shanghai. The root cause of the pollution event is regarded to be boom of blue algae. Many in-door water treatment systems are sold out in many supermarkets.

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