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Derma Roller
Model: BS-DR3

Derma Roller BS-DR3beauty Derma Roller BS-DR3

Electrical Derma Roller

Model: BS-DR3

The BS-DR3 is the electric driver dermaroller equipment which is the new generation of micro needle therapy devices. The needles work on the skin to speed up the regrowth of collagen. Not only reduce the winkle, but aslo tighten skin. It also works on the target of removing color spot, gravid grain, increase sense and elasticity of the skin.

The electric controlled dermaroller, drived by the professional micro-vibrating motor, to push the needles for therapy up and down in high frequency, thus to simulate the operation of normal manual. But the vibrating speed is much higher than human bing's operation, so that the operator can even move the dermaroller device while it is working on customer's skin. The treatment efficiency is much improved, and the therapy dots are randomized, which ensures to achieve much better treatment effect than ordinary dermarollers.

* Stretch Mark Removal and Stretch Mark Treatment
* Acne Scar Removal
* Anti Wrinkle Treatment / Anti Aging
* Hair Loss Treatment or Hair Restoration
* Surgical Scar Removal
* Cellulite Treatment and Cellulite Reduction
* Skin Rejuvenation and acne treatment

High Speed Mode: 1200 cycles/Min
Low Speed mode: 900 cycles/Min
Needle Length: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm

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