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Handheld Woods Lamp
Model: BS-WL1

Handheld Woods Lamp BS-WL1beauty Skin Analyzer Magic Mirror Handheld Woods Lamp Handheld Woods Lamp

Wood's Lamp

Model: BS-WL1

Wood's lamp is a professional diagnostic tool used in dermatology. Wood's light is useful in diagnosing conditions such as tuberous sclerosis and erythrasma, both in distinguishing them from other conditions and in locating the precise boundaries of the condition.


After magnifying the skin with the examining fame, we can clearly the quality and the unusual condition of the skin. Wood lamp is to help identity clearly the qualities, problems and the unusual conditions of the skin in order to provide proper treatments.



1.       After cleansing skin, cover client's eyes with wet cotton.

2.       Secure cover shade to wood lamp.

3.       Completely cover client's face with cover shade. The wood lamp should parallel to client's face with distance of 15 -20cm.

4.       Identify different skin characteristics by appearances of different colors under the ultraviolet ray.


Methods of performing Wood Lamp

Light blue: normal and healthy skin

Yellow: oily, acne skins

Brown: pigments

White spots: mature skin area

Purple: sensitive skin

Reflecting light spot: impurities, make-up

Indigo: dry skin



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