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>>  Body Composition Analyzer BS-BCA3 
Body Composition Analyzer
Model: BS-BCA3

Body Composition Analyzer BS-BCA3beauty Body Composition Analyzer BS-BCA3

Body Composition Analyzer
Model: BS-BCA3

Body Composition Analyzer is designed to calculate regional body composition, empowering healthcare professionals to better determine health risk associated with visceral and abdominal fat. The BS-BCA3 model is based on the latest statistics method DXA, which analyzes human body composition including fat, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), none-fat and other health indicators through direct segmental multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis method(DSM-BIA). BS-BCA3 adopts more than five frequencies through 10Hz to over 500KHz, which can help analyze both intracellular water and extracellular water ratio, thus give accurate data of BMI, BMR, Edema Index, as well as detailed segmental data. It also gives bone info (Skeletal Muscle), and visceral fat ratio.

When a body touches an electrode, contact resistance occurs, and it is important to control the contact resistance in order to correctly measure the resistance in a body. Because the electrode method of BS-BCA3 model, which has separated the current and voltage, always begins measurement at the same points in wrists and ankles, reproducibility is very high and also, correct measurements can be made, for they are not affected by contact resistance occurring from skin.

The BS-BCA3 model uses wide frequency points to detect body status, without using experience data, which ensures the analysis data is scientific and accurate. This machine is widely used in hospitals, clinics, and beauty salons. It can give out very detailed target to keep fit and healthy.

BS-BCA3 body composition analyzer


  • Body Composition Analysis.
  • Diet Plan Suggestion.
  • Weight Lose Plan Suggestion.
  • Body healthy detection after surgery



Measurement Method

Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (MFBIA)


8-Point Tactile Electrode System

Measurement item

Right arm, left arm, body, right leg, left leg


Intracellular Water & Extracellular Water
Osseous/non-osseous Mineral
Body Fat Mass
Skeletal Muscle Mass
Soft Lean Mass
Fat Free Mass
Weight BMI
Percent Body Fat
Waist-Hip Ratio(WHR)
Visceral Fat Index,Percent Body Protein/Bone/Water
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Edema Index (EXF/TF)
Body Balance, Body Strength, Health Diagnosis
Target Weight, Weight Control, Fat Control, Muscle Control
Fitness Score
Obesity Degree
Impedance and bone/muscle, fat data of each Segments & Frequencies

Control Panel

Colorful touch screen

Printer Built-in printer


100 - 240V, 50/60Hz,


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