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Spa Capsule
Model: BS-CAP1

Spa Capsule BS-CAP1beauty Solarium Spa Capsule Spa Capsule Spa Capsule

Steaming hydropathic capsule for spa
Model: BS-CAP1

This steaming hydropathic capsule for spa is a high-end model, with rich functions and safety controller, to ensure the whole treatment session comfortable. The steaming therapy can help metabolization of human body, thus get the result of body slimming and remove poisonous or harmful substances from your body. After the therapy, clients will feel peaceful and relaxing, enjoy the SPA with fragrance essence oil, petals and melodious music.

- Vichyshower system for body cleaning
- Steam heating for body slimming
- Fragrance therapy function
- Optional music playback function
- Hand-on gentle breeze cooling
- Sterilizing with ozone
- Automatic alarming


Electric Specification

AC220V or AC110V, 14A or 28A
Max. Power < 3000W

Electric Consumption

2.1 KWH


230 x 100 x 110 cm (After packing)

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