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>>  HF Telangiectasia Removal Single channel model BS-VA300 
Single channel model
Model: BS-VA300

Single channel model BS-VA300beauty HF Telangiectasia Removal Single channel model Single channel model

HF Vein Telangiectasia Removal Machine
Model: BS-VA300

This BS-VA300 is professional equipment for telangiectasia, couperose, vascular blemishes or spider veins treatment. Generally these skin disorders appear on the face, neck chest and legs.

The BS-VA300 is based on the technology of high frequency cauterizing, which is used by medical professionals to eradicate telangiectasia. A hyfrecator has a stylus point that is laid not inserted, on the area of the skin having the spider vein being treated, and the high frequency current being applied is the hyfrecator is not selective and burns not only the vessel to be cauterized but also the surrounding tissue. This treatment leaves the skin with scabby areas that take up to six weeks to heal, frequently leaving spots of hyperpigmentation.

The BS-VA300 uses direct current (DC) and high frequency (HF or RF) current to coagulate the capillary. The electric current interacts with the blood gases to coagulate and diminish the capillary. It is effective in diminishing telangiectasia, blood moles and other vascular blemishes.

BS-VA300 vascular removal machine

HF vascular removal


  • Small vessels on face, ear back, forehead
  • Pigmentation: Sun spots
  • Leg spider vein, veins on arms, thigh
  • Small skin tags


    Energy Source


    Work Mode

    Pulse / Continuous



    Energy Level

    1 - 100 levels


    < 300 Watts

    Tip Diameter

    < 0.01mm

    Cooling System

    Fan cooling system

    Control Panel

    Touch Screen Control Panel

    Power Specification

    AC220V - 240V/50Hz, 10A or AC110V, 60Hz

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