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Laser Hair Regrowth Comb
Model: BS-LCB4D

Laser Hair Regrowth Comb BS-LCB4Dbeauty Hair Regrowth Laser Laser Hair Regrowth Comb Laser Hair Regrowth Comb

Low Level Hair Loss Laser Comb

Model: BS-LCB4D

As a noninvasive contact medical device, Cold lasers have been used in LLLT in medical field for over 30 years and have a long record of successful clinical studies demonstrating medical efficacy and safety. The BS-LCB4D low level laser hair loss comb home Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) laser to improve the cosmetic appearance of the hair, including fuller and thicker looking hair by delivering the concentrated power of low-level laser light to stimulate the hair follicles and promotenormal hair growth. What's more, the BS-LCB4D combines high octane LED in different wavelength to assist the treatment. The traditional micro-current simulation function also help the treatment of hair loss.

In alopecia areata, immune system cells called white blood cells attack the rapidly growing cells in the hair follicles that make the hair. The affected hair follicles become small and drastically slow down hair production. Fortunately, the stem cells that continually supply the follicle with new cells do not seem to be targeted. So the follicle always has the potential to regrow hair. In order to reverse or stop the progression of hair loss, the entire hair-growing environment is stimulated by the unique characteristics of laser energy provided by the laser comb, which produces 2 or more (for different BS-LCB models) laser beams which generate columnated, coherent visible light in the red spectrum. Laser light in the red spectrum and with the appropriate power output has been clinically proven to be beneficial for cutaneous medicine. Professional filter makes the the laser light emit effectively to bathe the scalp.


  • Laser source: High level diode Laser
  • Laser wavelength: 650/660nm
  • Laser power: < 60mw
  • LED wavelength: 470nm/530nm/590nm/630nm/670nm
  • Timer: 5/10/15 minutes
  • Level: 1-6 adjustable
  • Micro-current output tips: 6 (3*2)
  • Laser transmission system: Concentrated and directly
  • Ambient Temperature: 10~30C Degrees
  • Relative humidity: less than 70%
  • Power Supply: AC power adapter
  • Power consumption: < 5 Watts

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