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>>  Breast Enhancer BS-BC800 
Breast Enhancer
Model: BS-BC800

Breast Enhancer BS-BC800beauty Breast Enhancer BS-BC800

Breast Enhancer System
Model: BS-BC800

Basis Physiological principle, the Breast fullness or flat decisions by the majority of fat cells in Breast structure. will breast fullness, Must try to make fat cells growth increases in the breast£¬but increase and growth of breast cells, must enhance our fat cells absorb fatty acids capacity. The BS-800 integrates vacuum, red light phototherapy, microcurrent therapy and vibrating functions for breast augmentation treatment.

breast care equipment


  • Non invasive laser hair restoration
  • Comfortable and effective
  • No side effect and safe for long term therapy
  • Vacuum: Breast Vacuum massage
  • Vacuum modes: Breast Augmentation / Cell activation / Pulsed / BIO movement / Massage mode
  • Breast cup: 6 for breast care / 8 for facial care / 2 for body care
  • LED: RED light 633nm
  • Microcurrent for breast care: CW/Pulse mode
  • Vibration for breast care: programmable
  • Weight: 10Kg

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