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Model: BS-MT1

Mesotherapy BS-MT1beauty Mesotherapy BS-MT1

Mesotherapy System

Model: BS-MT1

Mesotherapy treatments are widely used as a means of delivering medications for various areas of symptomology. This safe, non-invasive form of treatment for cellulite and fat is used to get rid of fat under the chin, in the abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, knees, and love handles. It is effective for bags under the eyes and fat around the mouth and in the jowl areas. Mesotherapy is considered the homerun of the cosmetic world rivaling what liposuction does for plastic surgery.


Hydro-electrophoresis cell wall destruction and aquaporin technology is the core of BS-MT1 mesotherapy equipment, with the hydro-electrophoresis, aquaporin entrance on cell emmbrance is easily opened, and high concentrate active substances permeate subcutaneous tissues through hair follicles, sweat glands and channels between cells to reach the mesoderm, directly access to deep skin and stay up to whole day long in lymph system, so that skin cells can get sufficient, complete absorption of nutrients to get best treatment result on wrinkle elimination, skin whitening, speckle removing, orange skin peeling off, fat resolving, and body slimming.

  • Benefits of Mesotherapy in cellulite treatment:
  • Improved blood flow to that area
  • Dissolving of excess fat deposits
  • Removing fibrotic, hardened connective tissue
  • Improved lymphatic drainage


  • Facial skin therapy: whitening skin, remove speckle, skin lifting and tightening, deep level wrinkle chasing, anti-allergic repair of root segment
  • Body skin therapy: whitening skins on arm/legs, improve striae of pregnancy and alligator orange peels, systemic body whitening
  • Physical therapy: pain release therapy, stain conditioning in shoulders and neck
  • Body reshaping: fat resolving, body sculpture and contouring, cellulite release
  • Breast care: bosom building, breast skin whitening



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